Skincare Oil That Will Change Your Skin Forever

Skincare is something that I am so passionate about. I believe that it is so important to always take care of your skin and give it the love it deserves. I love a really great dewy, hydrated, flawless complexion. Like a lot of people, I struggle with dry, sensitive skin.

One must have skincare product I absolutely swear by for dry, sensitive skin is Radha Rosehip Oil which is only $15 on Amazon. Rosehip Oil is not only great for hydration and anti-aging. It is great for people who have unwanted scares, stretch marks, and sun damage spots that they want to minimize/get rid of. This product is my ultimate go to skin care product!

What is Rosehip Oil?

radha rosehip oil

Rosehip Oil is made of a pressed seed oil, extracted from the seeds of the wild rose bush typically from the Southern Andes. This oil is also made out of fatty acids and vitamin A which are key ingredients for hydration. They also promote skin regeneration, and can improve skin flexibility and permeability which is how this oil is able to correct skin texture, scarring, and stretch marks.

Try this oil out and comment below! I love hearing other peoples opinions on products.


Why Women Are Shaving Their Faces….

Yup you heard it right…ladies it’s socially acceptable to now shave your face and let the world know. Dermatologists around the world are now claiming that shaving your face actually exfoliates the dead skin leading to brighter, glowing skin.

Spas and salons around the world are now offering this as a service called Dermaplaning . Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells, peach fuzz, and unwanted hair, in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. If you don’t want to pay for the service which ranges anywhere from $75-$150, don’t worry, I have an at home solution for you.

Although Dermaplaning specialists use a very sharp razor that is typically used in surgeries, I came across an at home product that is much safer, and still achieves the same results.

These at home women’s facial razors can be found on Amazon as a 36 pack for just $12. Yes I know this is not considered Dermaplaning,  but it does achieve the same desired results woman are looking for.

How to use the razors:

Step 1: Make sure your face is hydrated. I have dry skin so I use a little facial oil before shaving my face.

Step 2: Place the racer at a 45 degree angle

Image result for womens face shaving

Step 3: Watch this tutorial, it demonstrates the technique you should be using YouTube 

I hope this helps you ladies that are trying to find new anti-aging techniques. I have added this to my skin care routine, and I am obsessed with the results! My skin has a glow from within, my makeup looks 100% better, and I feel like my fine lines are disappearing. Try it out and leave your opinions about it below!

Professional Glam

Do you need a professional look for your head shots?

I can not emphasize enough how important professional head shots are to your brand. Your professional branding tells a story of who you are. Even if you are not a makeup wearer, just a little BB cream can go a long way.

I love making my clients feel beautiful when they step in front of the camera. Brianna is a perfect example of one of my clients that hates the feeling of makeup, but LOVES the look of it. For Brianna’s foundation I used NYX total control sheer foundation in order to achieve a natural, lightweight coverage. This foundation evened out her skin tone, and created a flawless base so that I could add other facial products to complete her professional glam look.


To be a part of one of the biggest milestones in someones life, is truly a blessing. I cannot express how blessed and thankful I am to continue to do what I love year after year.

Wedding makeup is one of my specialties. I love enhancing a brides true beauty and making them shine from within. When achieving a wedding glam makeup application, there are so many factors that need to be considered. What type of skin does the bride have? What products pair best with the brides skin type and skin tone? What techniques will enhance the brides facial features? What weather is the bride going to face? etc. These are all important factors that can make or break a brides glam and their whole special day!

I constantly self educate myself in order to stay up to date with the latest trends, products, techniques and knowledge. I have years of experience and knowledge dealing with different skin tones, facial structures, skin textures, and color contrasting.

The best trick I learned over the years that I share with EVERYONE, is to NEVER… I repeat.. NEVER… wear a foundation with SPF if you are going to be in front of a camera. In order to protect your skin from the sun, SPF bounces the light back to prevent your skin from absorbing the harmful rays. With that being said, your foundation does not understand the difference between sunlight and camera flash (sorry its not an Amazon Alexa). Therefore when the camera flash goes to take your beautiful picture, your SPF foundation causes HORRIBLE back flash! Yikes! If you have ever wondered why your beautiful sun kissed glow looks like casper the ghost in a picture… that is probably the reason why! This is just one of the many tips and tricks I have up my sleeve in order to ensure my brides look their absolute best on their wedding day.

If you are someone looking for a makeup artist for your special day, please contact me. I offer free consultations for all my brides in order to guarantee you will look the way you want for your special day.